Ownership of the real estate and lands for foreigners in Egypt
The Egyptian law No 320 / 1996 organized the ownership the foreigners the real estate and lands for natural persons and legal persons.
The Article No : 2 form the law No 230 / 1996 clarified all the conditions for the ownership as below :-
1 – The ownership only for maximum two real estate in all of Egypt for using as private residence for him and his family,without breach the right to own a property for practicing a special activity licensed by the competent Egyptian authorities
2 – The area of each real estate shall not exceed four thousand meters
3 – The real estate must not to be considered as one of the antiques real estates at the antiquities Protection Law
The Article No : 3 (( For diplomatic and consular headquarters in Egypt ))
The Article No : 4 : The foreigners who own land by this law must start to build in a while does not exceed the following five years from register the contract,if this period done without starting building work , the period of the ban will increase equal to the delay period in construction as clarified at next article
The Article No 5 : It is not allowed for the foreigner who own real estate by this law to dispose of it by any kind of legal disposals before passing five years from the date of acquisition of ownership.
The Prime Minister may, in cases determined by him to give the permission to dispose of the property, before this period elapses

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