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Using drone in Egypt

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Using drone in Egypt

Drone in Egypt

Can I use a drone to photograph the tourist attractions in Egypt?

Before you did this idea to bringing a drone to using it in Egypt for take some photo for touristic monuments and the most beautiful places that you have visited,

you must read this article very well before you take this dangerous decision that could lead to the loss of your vacation in Egypt and become a very, very bad memory.



Article 1

In applying the provisions of this law, the following expressions have the meaning indicated next to each of them:

1- Automatic or wirelessly control aircraft: Any material can fly without contacting others by Using any kinds of techniques Whatever its shape or size and can be loaded with additional loads Whether it is devices or equipment or armament systems, ammunition, or crackers or other, which represents a threat to the country’s national security, It is operated or controlled remotely

2-The Competent Authority: The Ministry of Defense

3 -The Concerned Minister: The Minister of Defense.

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 Article 2

Units of the state administrative apparatus are prohibited

From ministries, departments,  and units of local administration Public bodies, companies and others From public or private legal persons And natural people Import, manufacture or assembly, trading or possession, or using automated or wirelessly driven aircraft, only after obtaining a permit to do so from the competent authority, according to the conditions, Measures and procedures which Determined by the executive regulations for this law considering Civil Aviation Law provisions Issued by Law No. 28 of 1981










Article 3

Without prejudice to any penalty Tougher It provided by another law, punished with detention for a period of not less than a year Not exceeding seven years, and with a fine Not less than five thousand pounds And do not exceed fifty thousand pounds Or one of these two penalties Everyone who imported Or manufacture or collect Trading, possession, trading or using automated or wirelessly driven aircraft

Without permission from the competent authority The punishment is doubled In case of return And the punishment is Life imprisonment If committed any of the criminal offenses Stipulated In the first paragraph For the purpose of terrorism The punishment shall be capital punishment If that results in the death of the person In all cases The court rules confiscating the used machines and tools in crime for the armed forces.

Article 4

Members of the military judicial seizure have the capacity of judicial officers of applying the provisions of this law its executive regulations and decisions issued Implementing for it


You should not take such a risk to bring any aircraft operating wirelessly and loaded with a camera because if it discovered with you, you will be arrested and restrict your freedom for more than 48 hours for content of the camera to be checked and it will confiscate it with the plane.


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